Default Camera Configuration


The agent has access to camera sensor data which are raw pixel values (with bounds of 0 and 255). The default vehicle configuration includes 8 cameras with names:

  • CameraFrontRGB (CameraFrontSegm)

  • CameraLeftRGB (CameraLeftSegm)

  • CameraRightRGB (CameraRightSegm)

  • CameraBirdsEyeRGB (CameraBirdsEyeSegm)

To include any subset of these cameras, simply include the camera’s name and parameters under env_kwargs.cameras. For example:

         Addr: 'tcp://'
         Format: SegmBGR8
         Width: 512
         Height: 384
         bAutoAdvertise: True

Modifying Cameras

The camera is flexible in terms of both the field-of-view angle, dimensions of the images, type of camera, and position. To modify the camera, simply change the parameters:

GenericCamera:                 # Camera name which will be a key of observation dictionary
   Addr: 'tcp://'  # Address camera will publish to
   Format: ColorBGR8           # ColorBGR8, SegmBGR8, HdrBGR8
   FOVAngle: 120               # modifiable field of view parameter, in degrees
   Width: 256                  # modifiable image width parameter, in number of pixels
   Height: 256                 # modifiable image height parameter, in number of pixels
   bAutoAdvertise: True

To set the environment to vision-only, set the multimodal parameter to False in the configs/params.yaml file.

   multimodal: False

Creating Cameras

See Creating Custom Sensor Configurations